Advisory Committees


The RHA Technical Advisory Committee explores engineering aspects relating to creating, storing, transporting, and consuming climate-neutral fuels from surplus renewable electricity. Technical Committee Chair: Gerry Snow, PERA.


The RHA Policy Advisory Committee explores policy needs and challenges relating to deploying power-to-gas technologies based on renewable electric power. Policy Committee Chair: Michelle Detweiler, Barlow Strategies.


The RHA Commercial Arrangements Advisory Committee explores contractual issues and business practices that necessary to wide-scale deployment. Policy Committee Chair: Evan Ramsey, Bonneville Environmental Foundation


Orlando utility to launch $9 million hydrogen system and more than double solar energy (Spear, Orlando Sentinel, Oct 7, 2019).

Siemens Backs Mega Green Power Hydrogen Project in Australia (Thornhill, Bloomberg, Oct 7, 2019).

Behind New Billionaire Trevor Milton’s $3 Billion Push To Make America Run On Hydrogen (Ohnsman, Forbes, Sep 30, 2019).

Germany’s climate targets require huge amounts of renewable hydrogen – reports (Amelang, Clean Energy Wire, Sep 27, 2019).

Plan for 80 hydrogen fuel stations for Ireland by 2030 (Briscoe, The Irish Times, Sep 26, 2019).

RHA Executive Director Ken Dragoon Interview (Dave Miller, OPB Radio, Sep 26, 2019).

Hyundai Motor Company and Cummins to Collaborate on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology (Business Wire, Sep 26,2019).

Antwerp orders world’s first hydrogen-powered tug (The Medi Telegraph, Sep 26, 2019).

New IRENA Report Explores Potential of Green Hydrogen (IRENA, Sep 25, 2019).

Hyundai to Test Hydrogen-Fuelled Trucks in Israel (Hadar and Gutman, The Algemeiner, Sep 24, 2019).

10th retail hydrogen station opens in SF Bay area (Green Car Congress, Sep 21, 2019).

Toyota develops and installs fuel-cell generator for clean power production (Szymkowski, Cnet, Sep 20, 2019).

Plug Power Expands Hydrogen Supply Chain Partner Network with United Hydrogen (Yahoo Finance, Sep 19, 2019).

Looking to the future: New hydrogen fueling station in Hereford created by “Hydrogen Bill” (Miller, KFDA, Sep 18, 2019).

How Toyota’s Olympic buses are fueling its hydrogen dream (Aljazeera, Sep 18, 2019).

HyFlyer Zero-Emission Aircraft Flight Tests Set for Orkney (EMEC Press Release, Sep 18, 2019)

Plug Power and ENGIE Partner Globally to Expand Use of Renewable Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (GundryPluck, Global Newswire, Sep 17, 2019).

Cummins plans to sustain lead with new acquisition (Hitch, Fleet Owner, Sep 17, 2019).

UBC researchers develop model to support the adoption of B.C. hydrogen cars (Bergenson, Hydrogen Fuel News, Sep 16, 2019).

Floating wind-to-hydrogen plan to heat millions of UK homes (Lee, Recharge News, Sep 13, 2019).

Researchers design a roadmap for hydrogen supply network (Science Daily, Sep 12, 2019).

Meet the CEO who’s building 14K hydrogen semi trucks (Flalka, E&E News, Sep 12, 2019).

McPhy: Growing With Hydrogen (Fiakas, Alt Energy Stocks, Sep 10, 2019).

Germany has a new train powered by hydrogen (Sachs, Grit Daily, Sep 9, 2019).

The First French Hydrogen Bus Line Inaugurated in Yvelines (Maroccan, Imgur, Sep 9, 2019).

Hydrogen-powered shuttle to transport passengers in Nantes (Dimitrova, TheMayor, Sep 9, 2019).

Hydrogen Could Replace Coke In Steelmaking & Lower Carbon Emissions Dramatically (Hanley, CleanTechnica, Sep 6, 2019).

China hydrogen fuel-cell capacity leaps almost 650pc in a year (Gorey, Silicon Republic, Sep 6, 2019).

Northern California fuel-cell drivers still left high and dry since June explosion (Evarts, Green Car Reports, Sep 5, 2019).

Warren native and CEO of hydrogen car company signs agreement to come to Valley (Smith, WBKN, Sep 5, 2019).

Why Zero-Emission Hydrogen Is the Best Way to Power the Cars of Future (Stecher, Robb Report, Sep 4, 2019).

Hydrogen Truck Startup Nikola’s Valuation Jumps To $3 Billion With Investment From CNH Industrial (Ohnsman, Forbes, Sep 3, 2019).

Government releases plans for green hydrogen to curb greenhouse gas emissions (Wells, New Zealand Herald, Sep 2, 2019).

Hydrogen ‘critical part’ of Govt’s 100 per cent renewable plan (Newstalk ZB, Sep 2, 2019).

The Outlook for Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier (Grad, Chemical Engineering, Sep 1, 2019).

France Climbs Aboard Hydrogen Train Revolution (AFP News, 8/29/19).

France climbs aboard hydrogen train revolution (TechXplore, Aug 29, 2019).

Hydrogen a Climate Alternative for Steel (Divisek, Bloomberg News, Aug 29, 2019).

UK backs Orsted green hydrogen study (ReNew.Biz, Aug 29, 2019).

President Moon Jae-in reveals his new official vehicle is a hydrogen car (Max, Hydrogen Fuel News, Aug 29, 2019).

Linde to take 10% Stake in Swiss Hydrogen Group (Rueters, Aug 29, 2019).

Is There Hydrogen in Your Future? (Dragoon, Energy Systems Integration Group Blog, Aug 28, 2019)

Hyundai Motor Group opens Hyundai Hydrogen World in Shanghai (Green Car Congress, Aug 27, 2019).

ARENA backs solar hydrogen plant in Brisbane as electrolyser costs tipped to plunge (Vorath, Renew Economy, Aug 23, 2019).

INNIO, LEC Working On 100% Hydrogen, Methanol Engine Technology (Burke, Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide, Aug 29, 2019).

Hyundai to supply 5 hydrogen buses to Busan city (the Korea Times, Aug 23, 2019).

Does our energy future hold electrification, biomass and hydrogen? (Elliot, Physics World, Aug 21, 2019).

Hydrogen’s Plunging Price Boosts Role as Climate Solution (Mathis and Thornhill, Bloomberg, Aug 20, 2019).

Hydrogen exports move a step closer as construction starts on Victorian plant (Craneburgh, Create Digital, Aug 20, 2019).

The Truth About Hydrogen (Molloy and Baronett, Rocky Mountain Institute, Aug 20, 2019).

The push for adopting Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Vehicles in Singapore (Bird & Bird, Lexology, Aug 19, 2019).

Decarbonization Demand Drives Hydrogen Generation Market (Patil, Communal News, Aug 18, 2019).

Plug Power and FedEx make a little dent in airport’s carbon footprint (Cropley, The Daily Gazette, Aug 17, 2019).

The UK ‘cannot reach net zero without using hydrogen tech’ (Bairstow, Energy Live News, Aug 15, 2019).

Department of Energy Announces $40 Million in Funding for 29 Projects to Advance H2@Scale (US DOE, Aug 15, 2019).

SDG9: How Air Liquide is harnessing hydrogen to help fuel an industrial revolution (Holder, Business Green, Aug 14, 2019).

This plane can fly 500 miles powered entirely by hydrogen (Peters, Fast Company, Aug 14, 2019).

World’s largest hydrogen fuelling station launched in Shanghai (Anna, Robotics and Automation, Aug 12, 2019).

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Are Safer Than You Think (Wright, Car Buzz, Aug 10, 2019).

California’s 40 Hydrogen Stations Push Toward Fuel-Cell Viability (Wardlaw, Wards Auto, Aug 9, 2019).

CMB becomes shipping’s hydrogen leader (Chambers,, Aug 9, 2019).

Preview: Hydrogen electrolyser technologies (Sampson, Gas World, Aug 8, 2019).

Nikola Awarded $1.7 Million U.S. Department of Energy Award (PRNewswire, Aug 7, 2019).

Hydrogen Levels in German Gas Distribution System to be Raised to 20 Percent for the First Time (FuelCellWorks, Aug 3, 2019).

Hydrogen electrolyzer market expected to reach $426.3 mn by 2028 (Economic Times, Aug 1, 2019).

German government puts focus on green hydrogen for energy transition – media (Wettengel, Clean Energy Wire, Aug 1, 2019).

Dana to Provide e-Propulsion for Hydrogen Fuel Development Project (Park, Heavy Duty Trucking, Aug 1, 2019).

Germany turns to hydrogen in quest for clean energy economy (Dezem, Bloomberg, Aug 1, 2019).

Senate committee unanimously approves $1 billion for EV, natural gas and hydrogen fuel infrastructure (Witynski, Utility Dive, Jul 31, 2019).

19 plans to advance hydrogen show momentum is building across the globe (Maisch, PV Magazine Australia, July 30, 2019).

Could A Hydrogen Society Change The Planet? Yes — Here’s Why (Forbes, July 29, 2019).

Alpiq and H2 Energy partner on hydrogen production plant in Switzerland; to support Hyundai fuel cell trucks (Green Car Congress, July 29, 2019).

Hydrogen could help decarbonise the global economy (Thomas, Financial Times, July 29,2019).

Germany eager to become global leader in developing hydrogen technologies (Schulz, Eractiv, July 24, 2019).

Air Liquide to deliver hydrogen for pioneering steel project (Sampson, Gasworld, July 19. 2019)

H2SHIPS project tests hydrogen shipping (Elecrive, July 19, 2019)

A World’s First first for Aberdeen as Hydrogen Ambitions Grow (Aberdeen City Council, July 18, 2019).

US Army grant supports development of hydrogen-powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (WSU Insider, July 18, 2019)

Fraunhofer ISE Compares Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Battery and Fuel Cell Vehicles (FuelCellsWorks, July 15, 2019).

Rapid-detection hydrogen sensor clears path for cleaner energy (Montalbano, DesignNews, July 12, 2019)

Norway’s first hydrogen-powered car ferries take shape (Moore, Riviera, July 16, 2019)

Study finds potential for hydrogen industry in B.C. (Bennett, Alaska Highway News, July 8, 2019)

BDR Thermea Group showcases first hydrogen-powered domestic boiler (Green Car Congress, July 8, 2019)

China steps up investment in hydrogen amid renewable energy push (Cong & Weiduo, Global Times, July 8, 2019)

Air Products, Saudi Aramco inaugurate hydrogen refueling pilot (Lillian, NGT News, July 8, 2019)

Electric air taxis powered by hydrogen promise greater range for intercity commutes (Metcalfe, NBC News, July 7, 2019)

Woodside doubles down on hydrogen future in $40 million partnership (Redrup, Financial Review, July 5, 2019)

Toyota to supply hydrogen fuel-cell tech to China’s FAW, Higer Bus (Shirouzu, Reuters, July 5, 2019)

BMW may finally be ready to sell hydrogen fuel cell cars to the public (Edelstein, Yahoo News, July 5, 2019)

Major testing centre launched to determine if hydrogen could power millions of homes (Brown, Yorkshire Post, July 3, 2019)

Australian hydrogen strategy moves forward (Sampson, Gasworld, July 2, 2019)

ITM Power Announces British Columbia Hydrogen Feasibility Study (Yahoo Finance, July 2, 2019).

Cummins to Acquire Hydrogenics (Business Wire, June 28, 2019).

France’s first refueling station for hydrogen buses opens (Green Car Congress, June 27, 2019).

Hydrogen Takes Center Stage At G-20 Summit Energy Meeting (Cohen, June 26, 2019, Forbes).

RVTD looks at a green energy future (Darling, June 14, 2019, Mail Tribune [Medford, OR]).

World needs to embrace hydrogen challenge, cut costs: IEA (Reuters, June 14, 2019).

Hydrogen supply pinch affects San Francisco fuel-cell drivers (Halvorson, June 6, 2019, Green Car Reports).

How hydrogen can offer a clean energy future (Birol, Financial Times, June 4, 2019).

Bolzano orders 12 Solaris hydrogen buses (Green Car Congress, June 1, 2019).

Deal Delivers Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Powered Trucks to Deutsche Post DHL (Danegelis, Environmental Leader, May 31, 2019).

Power systems company to build world’s first 1 GW energy storage project in Utah (Geuss, Ars Technica, May 31, 2019).

Why Norway is Backing Hydrogen as the Key to Decarbonizing Shipping by 2050 (Eason, Lloyd’s List, May 30, 2019)

Hydrogen: the key to a zero-carbon energy system (de Beer, Current News, May 30, 2019)

The POWER Interview: GE Unleashing a Hydrogen Gas Power Future (Patel, Power, May 30, 2019)

U.S., Canada, Japan, Netherlands, and European Commission Launch New Hydrogen Initiative Under The Clean Energy Ministerial (US DOE, May 29, 2019)

Fuel cell forklifts powered in Japan with solar hydrogen energy (Max, Hydrogen Fuel News, May 27, 2019)

China to build dozens of hydrogen refueling stations for clean energy mobility (Lim, Business Times, May 27, 2019)

DHL and StreetScooter to deploy 100 hydrogen fuel cell vans (Kane, Inside EVs, May 27, 2019)

Heating manufacturer sees hydrogen as a solution to sector’s inefficiency (Clermont, Clean Energy Wire, May 27, 2019)

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vessels Destined for France and Norway (Marex, The Maritime Executive, May 13, 2019)

London to have world-first hydrogen-powered doubledecker buses (Topham, The Guardian, May 10, 2019).

UPS Hydrogen Trucks are Joining the Company’s Green Fleet (Moore, Hydrogen Fuel News, April 26, 2019).

Portland radio station KXRY interviews RHA Executive Director Ken Dragoon (15:29, April 24, 2019).

The hydrogen fuel strategy behind Nikola’s truck dream (Geuss, Ars Technica, April 20, 2019).

Why Elon Musk is Wrong About Hydrogen (LeSage,, April 18, 2019).

The man who ushered in China’s battery vehicle boom wants to do the same for fuel cells (Huang, Quartz, April 17, 2019).

Washington Utility Eager To Branch Into Hydrogen Fuel Production (Banse, NW News Network, April 15, 2019).

EDF founds hydrogen subsidiary Hynamics (Randall, EDF Press Release, April 6, 2019).

Get Ready For 1.5¢ Renewable Electricity, Steven Chu Says, Which Could Unleash Hydrogen Economy (McMahon, Forbes, April 2, 2019).

Europe Stores Electricity in Gas Pipes (Fairley, Scientific American, April 1, 2019.

Japan: Taking a Lead in Hydrogen (Sen, Chemical Engineer, April 1, 2019)

Beijing Wants 100,000 Fuel Cell Cars by 2025 (Asia Times, Mar, 2019).

Hydrogen Fuel Cells – Part Of The Solution To Reduce Maritime Industry Emissions? (Rajamanickam, Freightwaves, 22 Mar, 2019).

Hydrogenics to build world’s largest hydrogen electrolysis plant in Canada (Hood, Hydrogen Fuel News, 5 Mar, 2019)

How Hydrogen power-to-gas can be ‘clean and profitable’ (Ross, Power Engineering International, 27 Feb, 2019)

Stakeholders Form a Group to Develop, Test Hydrogen Fueling Hardware for HD Trucks (Commercial Carrier Journal, 21 Feb, 2019).

Japan Aiming for 160 Hydrogen Charging Station Locations by Fiscal 2020 (Japan Times, 21 Feb, 2019).

Planned Hydrogen Hub Poses New Industry for the Pilbara (Perera, Pilbara News, 20 Feb, 2019).

Power-to-Gas Crucial for Solar-Based Energy System (Bellini, PV Magazine, 18 Feb, 2019).

H2U to Build Green Hydrogen Facility [13 MW electrolyzer] Near Port Lincoln (Australian Manufacturing, 13 Feb, 2019).

New 100 MW Power-to-Gas Project Planned (Richard, Windpower Monthly, 12 Feb, 2019).

Hyundai Delivers First 2019 NEXO Fuel Cell SUV in Northern California at Capitol Hyundai, San Jose (PR Newswire, 6 Feb, 2019).

China to promote hydrogen vehicles as it did EV cars in 2009 (Max, Hydrogen Fuel News, 1 Feb, 2019).

DiCaprio 100% renewables study finds “green hydrogen” critical to reaching climate goals (Collins, Recharge, 21 Jan, 2019).

Toyota Boss Explains How Fuel Cells Can Achieve Corolla Costs (Schmitt, The Drive, 18 Jan, 2019).

UDOE announces intent to fund projects to enable large scale hydrogen deployment (US DOE, 16 Jan, 2019).

Toyota and Kenworth partnering on fleet of hydrogen trucks (Williams, Hydrogen Fuel News, 10 Jan, 2019).

UK to deploy more than 100 hydrogen trains starting in 2022 (The Times, 7 Jan, 2019).

Shell, Siemens, and TenneT call for offshore wind to produce Hydrogen with fuel cells (Amelang, Clean Energy Wire, 11 Dec, 2018).

Hyundai delivers first hydrogen vehicle to US customer (Williams, Hydrogen Fuel News, 3 Jan, 2019).

Hydrogen future for Australia through National Hydrogen Strategy (Burgess, Gas World, 20 Dec, 2018).

The Role of Green Hydrogen in Global Decarbonization (Brasington, CleanTech Group, 13 Dec, 2018).

Hyundai bets big on hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (Salmon, Asia Times, 12 Dec, 2018)

Six megawatt electrolyzer set to begin operation in 2019 for German steel plant (Science & Technology Research News, 3 Dec, 2018).

Air Liquide announces $150 million liquid hydrogen plant construction to start in 2019 (Houston Chronicle, 30 Nov, 2018).

Green Hydrogen Revolution (Schoentgen, World Economic Forum, 23 Nov, 2018)

San Francisco to build hydrogen ferry (SF Chronicle, 8 Nov, 2018).

Hydrogen Fuel is Back in the Energy Picture (Ensia, Nogrady, 6 Nov, 2018).

Understanding Hydrogen Energy Storage-Interview with Nel Hydrogen’s Steve Szymanski (Rice, AZO Materials, 1 Nov, 2018).

European Union allocates 40 million euros for 600 hydrogen buses (State of Green, 4 Oct, 2018).

Mountain View CA opens hydrogen fueling station, 35 stations now operating in CA and 29 on the way, (Palo Alto Daily Post, 31 Oct, 2018)

Fuel Cell Industry Scaling, (Klippenstein, GTM, 18 Sep 2018).

Hyundai to sell 1,000 hydrogen trucks in Switzerland (19 Sep 2018).

World’s first hydrogen train goes into service (16 Sep 2018).

California Energy Commission issues grant for Renewable Hydrogen Roadmap (5 Sep 2018).

Nel Hydrogen announces expanded 360 MW per year electrolyzer factory, ten times increase in manufacturing capability (3 Sep 2018).

WSU researchers develop less expensive electrolyzer catalyst materials (2 Feb 2018).

Air Liquide and Denmark to build 1.2 MW plant to create hydrogen from surplus renewable energy (3 Sep, 2018).

Royal Dutch Shell’s 2050 study sees hydrogen from renewables as key…

UK study finds 30% of pipeline gas can be hydrogen…

Toyota plans 300 mile heavy duty hydrogen truck on roads in fall…

First hydrogen fueling station in Canada opens in Vancouver…

Toyota to raise production, lower cost of fuel cell vehicles…

Kalama methanol plant proposal—potential for renewable hydrogen?



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