Six megawatt electrolyzer set to begin operation in 2019 for German steel plant (Science & Technology Research News, 3 Dec, 2018).

Air Liquide announces $150 million liquid hydrogen plant construction to start in 2019 (Houston Chronicle, 30 Nov, 2018).

San Francisco to build hydrogen ferry (SF Chronicle, 8 Nov, 2018).

Hydrogen Fuel is Back in the Energy Picture (Ensia, Nogrady, 6 Nov, 2018).

European Union allocates 40 million euros for 600 hydrogen buses (State of Green, 4 Oct. 2018).

Mountain View CA opens hydrogen fueling station, 35 stations now operating in CA and 29 on the way, (Palo Alto Daily Post, 31 Oct, 2018)

Fuel Cell Industry Scaling, (Klippenstein, GTM, 18 Sep 2018).

Hyundai to sell 1,000 hydrogen trucks in Switzerland (19 Sep 2018).

World’s first hydrogen train goes into service (16 Sep 2018).

California Energy Commission issues grant for Renewable Hydrogen Roadmap (5 Sep 2018).

Nel Hydrogen announces expanded 360 MW per year electrolyzer factory, ten times increase in manufacturing capability (3 Sep 2018).

WSU researchers develop less expensive electrolyzer catalyst materials (2 Feb 2018).

Air Liquide and Denmark to build 1.2 MW plant to create hydrogen from surplus renewable energy (3 Sep, 2018).

Royal Dutch Shell’s 2050 study sees hydrogen from renewables as key…

UK study finds 30% of pipeline gas can be hydrogen…

Toyota plans 300 mile heavy duty hydrogen truck on roads in fall…

First hydrogen fueling station in Canada opens in Vancouver…

Toyota to raise production, lower cost of fuel cell vehicles…

Kalama methanol plant proposal—potential for renewable hydrogen?




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Advisory Committees


The RHA Technical Advisory Committee explores engineering aspects relating to creating, storing, transporting, and consuming climate-neutral fuels from surplus renewable electricity.

Technical Committee Chair: Gerry Snow, PERA.


The RHA Policy Advisory Committee explores policy needs and challenges relating to deploying power-to-gas technologies based on renewable electric power.

Policy Committee Chair: Michelle Detweiler, Barlow Strategies.


The RHA Commercial Arrangements Advisory Committee explores contractual issues and business practices that necessary to wide-scale deployment.

Policy Committee Chair: Evan Ramsey, Bonneville Environmental Foundation